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Select a timeframe for which you want to preview all Excel-compatible tables from a company's 10-Q/10-K/20-F/40-Fs

Select the specific tables you would like to download over a quarterly or annual interval

Download custom folder with each workbook containing spreadsheets with only the tables that you selected

The folder is stored locally and is available offline anytime until deleted


Features Currently Available

Export specific tables from quarterly or annual financials directly into Excel

Track stock sales, stock purchases, option exercises and more executed by the insiders of any public company

Monitor the changes in equity and derivative positions of institutional investors

View individuals or institutional investors that currently own or previously owned more than five percent of a company

Filter exempt companies or fund types (e.g. private equity, venture capital, etc.) by industry, geographical location, revenue range, etc. for corporate M&A applications

New Offering Coming Soon

A revamped UI will place all of our current features in a company-centric layout with a modern feel

Integrated trading data and news feeds will enable access to live market data and technical analysis within the application

Stronger data visualization will make it easier for users to draw insights on institutional holdings, insider trading data, and more

Users will be able to view PDFs of 10-Q/10-K reports directly in the application to better understand the content of a particular table before downloading it to Excel

Industry trends will be easier to identify due to integrated ticker-industry mapping


SEC Filings

Convenient access to millions of filings since 1993 filed by publicly traded companies, financial institutions, insiders, beneficial owners, etc. with the SEC

Earnings Analysis

XBRL-powered quarterly and annual financial data since 2009 over a user-defined time interval of public companies that filed the 10-Q, 10-K, 20-F, or 40-F form

Insider Trading Analysis

All insider transaction and holding information over a user-defined time interval for a given company, disclosed in the 3, 4, and, 5 forms

Institutional Holdings Analysis

Portfolio holdings disclosed in the 13F filing that are associated with a given institutional investor (investment adviser, insurance company, pension fund, mutual fund, hedge fund, bank, trust company etc.), over a user-defined time interval

Beneficial Ownership Summary

Listing of passive and active investors or companies who filed the 13D and 13G filings over a user-defined time interval because they own more than five percent of a company’s outstanding shares

Leads from Exempt Offerings

Summarized information regarding companies, derived from 1-A and D filings, that meet user defined criteria like industry segment, revenue range, income range, year of incorporation, geographical location, etc.



Below we’ve provided some information about Xinerva and its features. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Why Xinerva?

Xinerva provides an unparalleled bundling service that is fast, convenient, and affordable. Our web application empowers users to download financial statements, analyze institutional holdings, track insider activity, and much more.

Xinerva is currently free to use! Create an account in less than a minute with just a username, email, and password. No payment information is required. We expect to start a monthly subscription fee of $10 - $20 per user sometime mid-2021. Those who are early to adopt our product will be rewarded with an additional free two months once our offering is no longer free to use.

While our current web application provides full functionality and is ready-to-use, the new user interface highlighted on our website is still under its last stages of development and will be ready in early 2021. Once completed, our revamped UI will make Xinerva a captivating and comprehensive one-stop-shop for financial data by integrating our core SEC-centered offering with trading data, news feeds, and stronger data visualization.

Our data goes back to 2009, when the SEC started requiring companies to report their financials using XBRL. We typically update our data every day (at night), making us a lot more current than many of our competitors.

Can me or my company license Xinerva’s flagship spreadsheet feature?

Yes you can! Our CTO can work with you to integrate our proprietary way of previewing 10-Q/10-K tables and exporting them to Excel with whatever software your company is currently using. We can connect to your system using either company name or ticker. Please email sidharth@xinervatech.com for quotes or any additional questions.

All of the data available on our web application can be licensed. We currently process earnings (10-Q/10-K), insider trading (3, 4, & 5), beneficial owners (13D & 13G), institutional holdings (13F), and exempt offerings (1-A & D). You may also license our flagship spreadsheet feature.

Yes you can some or all of our data in whatever combination you choose. As a result, pricing depends on the specific bundle you choose. Please email kongposh@xinervatech.com for quotes or further inquiry.

How can Xinerva be used in the classroom?

Xinerva allows finance and accounting professors to easily integrate examples of real company financial statement analysis into their curriculum. As a centralized place for students to export 10-Q/10-K tables to Excel, Xinerva offers tremendous value in the classroom for professors by saving time.

Xinerva’s XBRL-parsing capability allows it to automate reading SEC filings by line item. As a result, our data mining engine can automatically filter through filings based on certain characteristics or calculations. For example, we can provide accounting or finance professors all the SEC filings in the energy industry or all filings with net income over $100 million, EPS greater than $1.00, and gross margin greater than 50%. Please email sidharth@xinervatech.com for further clarification.

Pricing depends on the nature of the work, but is extremely competitive and negotiable. Please email sidharth@xinervatech.com for further inquiry.


We would like to give a special thanks to the numerous student interns who have helped our company progress.

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